All Castia Stone products protect your building with a 1/2" airspace which allows moisture to vent, preventing dry rot, mold and mildew. In addition to the “rainscreen” technology, Castia is a mortarless application and mechanically fastened to the wall for quick and easy installation in all seasons. 
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Color is added during the manufacturing process so the beauty of Castia Stone exists throughout every piece. A few standard colors, like Sand and Gray are offered nationwide, but contact us for a list of regional colors for your area.

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Castia Stone Chiseled products can be used as a full wall siding system or as a wainscot. The uniform size pieces can also be used as pillars. The surface resembles a natural, lightly chiseled stone. 

Classic Chiseled

Classic Chiseled Stone siding is made up of four different sized pieces for a more uniform and softer look.

Random Chiseled

Random Chiseled Stone siding is made up of eight different sized pieces.



Natural looking texture made to resemble slate. Comes in one easy to install size. Perfect for full wall systems or above a wainscot.



One of the most versatile product lines, its smooth surface is perfect for commercial applications and contemporary architecture, creating a modern look. Pair with a texture for high visual impact.

Flame Cut .JPG

flame cut

Mirrors the look of traditional flame cut stone. Providing a premium finish and feel unlike any other product, natural or synthetic.

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