Elegante Large Format Patio Stones

Castia Hardcapes is proud to present our first of many beautiful paver series. Eleganté is a four piece paver stone system featuring a natural slate finish with flamed edges and spacers. These large format pavers quickly create an elegant hardscape for all your outdoor needs.

• Wetcast concrete for durability and longevity
• Superior compressive strength with color throughout each piece.
• Multiple sizes for visual depth and interest
• Classic color options to compliment existing design aesthetics

All stones are 40 mm thick and come 24 pieces to a pallet. Very strong at 8000psi, perfect for foot traffic areas.


Stone Sizes:                Square Feet:                             Weights:
                                     Per Piece:       Per Pallet:
12" x 24"                       2                    48                       35 lbs
18" x 12"                       1.5                   54                       26 lbs
18" x 18"                       2.25                36                       38 lbs
18" x 24"                      3                      72                       52 lbs

Elegante stones come in Cabana and Bluestone. 

For full specs on these stones or CAD drawings, take a look at our listings on CADdetails.com.