About Us

Castia Hardscapes was born as an offshoot branch of Castia Stone. Castia Stone's concrete cladding system with its classic old world elegance, can now be paired with an equally high end line of hardscape products. Perfect for creating those elegant outdoor spaces you have always wanted, with the quality you have to come to expect from Castia Stone. 

Castia Hardscapes is made up of Castia Pave and Castia Wall, as well as a few other product lines to offer a wide array of top notch concrete products for all types of outdoor spaces.


The Castia Pave name currently offers three products: Elegante, a thin overlay product, and a regular paver series.

The Castia Wall name currently offers a versatile wall product called Arena Wall.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends pool coping, pavers and caps be sealed approximately 30 days after install. Unsealed product will not be guaranteed or replaced by the manufacturer.